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Angelica D Costain


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My Story

Welcome to my Scentsy journey! I am a wife of 8 years and a mom of a very active 6 year old boy, and a sassy 2 year old little girl, so my day never stops! I happened upon Scentsy accidentally and it has truly changed the course of my family's future! It's more than just providing customers, like you, with amazing products. It's a new found family and a sense of belonging to something greater. I stand by every product as Scentsy stands by their warmers with a lifetime warranty*! How many other companies can say that? Please join me on my journey and let's find your new favorite scents.
💜 With love, Angelica!

*Scentsy has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty AND a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. All products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for manufacturer's defects. If you do have one of our products that have a Defect or an electrical problem you may return with no limits on time for a replacement. Each case is different, please contact customer support at +1-877-855-0617

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